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 9  Glossary

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A process which two devices establish a communications system


The process of making digital break-ins more difficult


Numbers generated from a string of text. Refer to MD5


Refer to MITM (Man In The Middle),289625,sid14_cid487139_tax285453,00.html

HMAC (Keyed-Hash Message Authentication Code)

Message authentication using cryptographic hash functions. RFC 2104


Any act, document or other object created to deceive


A decoy system created to slow or stop potential malicious hackers created to deliver false data

Hostile code

Programming created to circumvent proper and secure operations of a system

Hot fix

A Microsoft term for bug fixes before formal service paks are released

HTTP (Hyper Text Transport Protocol)

The protocol that makes the World Wide Web operate. Utilizes port 80

HTTPS (Hyper Text Transport Protocol over Secure Sockets Layer)

Combines the Netscape created protocol to create web pages in a secure manner. By default HTTPS uses port 443

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