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 9  Glossary

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CAST (Carlisle Adams Stanford Tavares)

Symmetric block cipher defined in RFC 2144


A verifying electronic object which authenticates a person, entity, or file. The digital equivalent of a notarized signatures Refer to Digital Certificate

Certificate Authority (CA)

A body which issues digital certificates, and verifies they are valid,,sid14_gci213831,00.html

Chain of custody

A method of proving integrity of evidence collected

Chain of evidence

The accumulation of proof admissible in court that proves the conclusions of the forensic investigator

Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP)

More secure than PAP. Uses a one way hash function. Has the ability to re-challenges during the session.

See RFC 1334; refer to PAP.,,sid9_gci213847,00.html


Controlling information so that only those authorized to see the data actually do and no one else


A plain text file stored on a client's hard drive and used by a browser. Cookies are used to store user preferences and sometime data. Cookie harvesting may give a users credit card data or other information away if it is stored in a cookie,,sid14_gci211838,00.html

Certificate Practice Statement (CPS)

The policies and practices a certificate authority uses

Certificate Revocation List (CRL)

The serial numbers of public key certificates that have been revoked


Text encoded so it cannot be read by unauthorized readers,,sid9_gci213853,00.html

Cryptanalysis (Crypto analysis)

The study of secret code systems aimed at breaking the code without having access to the code,,sid14_gci214432,00.html

CTL (Certificate Trust List)

A set predefined items that have been signed by a CA

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