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Back Orifice Windows

A program created to gain access to Windows NT/W2K servers to take control. A powerful dual-use technology. Back Orifice is a rootkit program. Refer to rootkit.,,sid14_gci548557,00.html

Bell -LaPadula

A security model found in MAC. Users and objects are portioned into different security levels. Refer to MAC


A method of authentication based on something you are. Examples include back fingerprint, eye scan, & speech recognition

Birthday attack

A mathematical approach to breaking encryption. It is a quirk of math that when you bring 23 people into of Rome, a room, but you have doubled the possibility that two of them have exactly the same birthday


A symmetrical block cipher utilizing 32 to 448 bit cipher keys,,sid14_gci213676,00.html

Boot sector

The portion of the hard disk which points to one or more operating systems. A popular point of attack for virus authors


A hardware device operating on layer 2 of the OSI model (MAC) which divides a LAN into 2 segments

Brute Force

An attack method relying on trial and error, working permutations

Buffer Overflow

Delivering more data than the buffer was designed for. A type of DoS attack. Refer to DoS,,sid14_gci549024,00.html,289893,sid9_gci549024,00.html

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