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 9  Glossary

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Access Control

A method for determining who can access what resources. In most cases this is accomplished with an ACL (Access Control List)

Also refer to DAC

Access Point (AP)

The place where access to a network is achieved. Refer to WAP.

ACL (Access Control List).

Refer to Access Control.

Adhoc mode

One of two configurations created within wireless networks. Does not use a WAP (Wireless Access Point). Refer to WAP.,289893,sid9_gci213462,00.html

AH (Authentication Header)

Used to provide connectionless integrity and did portion authentication for IP data grants, and to provide protection against replays". Refer to RFC 2402,,sid14_gci214037,00.html


Typically a mathematical formula created to generate results


Encryption using a public and private key. Contrast this to symmetric which uses only one key. In a symmetric encryption one key is used to encode data so it cannot be read, while the other key issues to decode the data. Refer to symmetric,,sid14_gci836964,00.html


Verifying someone is who they say they are. Refer to Authorization,,sid14_gci211621,00.html


Data or objects (printers) a user is authorized to access or use,,sid14_gci211622,00.html

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