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Table Of Contents  CertiGuide to Security+
 9  Introduction and “Guide to the Guide”

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History of This Title

In late August 2002 when the Security+ beta exam objectives went out so quietly, they almost went unnoticed; our small team took a week and ramped up a couple hundred pages of PDF titled: Decrypting the Security+ Beta Objectives, and released it to the world to help gain exposure for this critical exam. We had no idea how well we did, or how accepted it would become.

Today, we still don’t know. We do know that from one site alone, 10,000 copies of what has been called: “THE PDF” was downloaded and considered “the solution” to understanding what the unusually cryptic CompTIA objectives were.

We also know that French and Spanish versions are living electrons out there as well. We are waiting for some volunteer(s) who can take any one of the three languages and translate it into other versions of human readable text as well. This unique approach has created an unusual situation to the next point.

A 1st edition was released in the 4th quarter (right after we discovered we passed the beta test. We have continued to refine, added new footnotes in 2003. Enough changes have appeared in this work justified a new ISBN number and a 2nd edition. With the year 2004 all footnotes have been verified or deleted (when dead) and new thoughts and material added to make a 3rd Edition print (6th PDF).

Thank Yous

Thanks go to the following people:

  • Alex Moreno, Jr. for coming in with the eyes of a hawk and the fine tuning to make us all proud.

  • Ian Kayne who contributed some fine technical language to this work and tech editing.

  • Harry Brelsford for the insights on releasing this work to the world without demanding payment.

  • Bruce Moran for support on the test simulation that is separate from this PDF. And the formatting assistance with this revised document.

  • Chad Rees for the web site and graphics.

  • Pamela Fanstill for moral support and editing.

  • Michael Toennessen for the help with getting the PDF out the door before the Security+ beta went live.

  • for hosting the downloads

These folks have contributed to your success without expectation of return. Gets a special thank you. Powell’s in Portland, OR may be a larger general bookstore and Nerdbooks is the largest Technical bookstore we have found. Dave was kind enough to let Helen come to the store and spend days browsing titles to suggest for deeper research. We have found their web site to be more accurate on book details and features incredible availability of titles.

A huge thanks goes to Martha Babiak for the editing of this latest edition!

Finally, best wishes from all of us to all of you.

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