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Table Of Contents  CertiGuide to Security+
 9  Chapter 5:  Operational/Organizational Security (Domain 5.0; 15%)
      9  5.2  Disaster Recovery
           9  5.2.1  Backups

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5.2.2  Secure Recovery
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Off-site storage is important, to protect the organization’s data from disasters that affect the immediate are of the network operations center. The purpose of off-site storage is to put a backup of your data in a location that is not likely to be affected by an event in the area in which the servers are located. This way, even if your operations center is rendered inaccessible due to flood, etc., you can still get to a copy of your data and business can continue.

Off-site storage can be found in a number of different forms. A trusted backup operator can take home CD-RW or tape. There are a number of firms that offer backup via remote access by either direct dial with a modem or over the Internet422. Companies that want media picked up for safe storage can enlist the services of firms specializing in off-site storage423.

Test Those Backups

Most experienced IT people have their own story about the backup that wasn’t a real backup. Test your backups regularly from your off-site storage.

As mentioned in domain 3 when discussing network devices, test your backups on a different device than the one on which they were made, to make sure that an out-of-alignment tape drive is not writing backups that no other tape drive can read. Also, ensure that you have a matching backup device offsite, so that you can read those backups. Repeat after me: backups are not any good if you can’t restore from them.




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Tape Rotation
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5.2.2  Secure Recovery
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