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Table Of Contents  CertiGuide to Security+
 9  Chapter 5:  Operational/Organizational Security (Domain 5.0; 15%)
      9  5.1  Physical Security
           9  5.1.3  Environment

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Location involves the area in which your network operates, including its specific placement in your building.

Network device location decisions that are not well-thought-out can leave network components excessively vulnerable to harm (locating an unprotected PC keyboard in a restaurant kitchen, or a network client on a factory floor).

When considering location issues, a prime area of concern is wireless networking, because too little attention paid to wireless network positioning can increase the likelihood that your network is available to unauthorized individuals. When considering wireless network components, minimizing transmission power reduces the changes your data will leak out of the intended area. Careful antenna placement will also have an effect419.

Antenna Placement

Attempt to place antennas as far from exterior walls as possible. Consider the RF pattern options with different types of antennas.

Typically the interface between the wired network and the transceiver is placed in a corner in an effort to hide the electronics. If that corner is along the outside of your building, that places the network signal outside and easy to intercept. In effect, you have put an Ethernet jack for your network in the parking lot.

Figure 44: Depending on building layout, wireless networking may be controlled by mounting an outdoor antenna high outside, angled down toward the building. Or an external antenna (when combined with other security) may make a wireless bridge.
Photo of External Hg2426p, courtesy of Sharon Cantor and Hyperlink Technologies
© 2002 Used with permission.


Beyond controlling power output and antenna placement and configuration, consider shielding, the next topic.


419.,4000,10724_1116311,00.html - article on running a Site survey by Jim Geier

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