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Table Of Contents  CertiGuide to Security+
 9  Chapter 5:  Operational/Organizational Security (Domain 5.0; 15%)
      9  5.1  Physical Security
           9  5.1.1  Access Control

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5.1.1  Access Control
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Good defense employs concentric rings of security. This term involves two thoughts in one term. The first is the process of effective physical security creating layered perimeters in circles that get tighter with each circle. In addition to tighter rings, as the core is approached, certain (mind & emotion) principles are applied. Once again, three points are to be considered when applying physical security to a sensitive area. For security zones they are:

  1. The outermost ring or perimeter should be the first line of defense and should contain the public activities. Continuing inward, more security measures should be incorporated as one approaches the private or high-risk areas.

  2. Prominent use of signage (symbolic language), architectural elements and natural and man-made barriers should be utilized to signify the transition from public to semi-private, and finally, private space.

  3. Clear border definition should be provided for the controlled space.

Further, there are territorial behavior strategies that contribute to physical security. There are guidelines for this aspect as well. These include:

  • Create elements to reinforce the feeling of proprietorship within an area. Use signage, reflecting the purpose of the area.

  • The physical area should support legitimate users. Architectural amenities should not attract undesirable behavior or provide concealment points.

  • Provide natural barriers for controlling activities that conflict with the purpose of the area.

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5.1.1  Access Control
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