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Table Of Contents  CertiGuide to Security+
 9  Chapter 3:  Infrastructure Security (Domain 3.0; 20%)
      9  3.4  Intrusion Detection
           9  3.4.1  Network Based

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3.4.2  Host Based
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Most early NIDS focused on passive detection, which involves alerting someone to the detected threat so that they can take action, if desired. IDSs that use only passive detection do not take action against the threat themselves. Passive methods include:

  • Logging the event (most IDSs use a standardized, documented log format such as Syslog, tcpdump, or Snort for ease of mining data from the logs).

  • Emailing or instant messaging an administrator.

  • Paging an on-call administrator.

  • Displaying an on-screen alarm.

  • Sending an alert to a monitoring system.

  • Sending an SNMP trap to flag the event.

  • Interfacing with a local custom application to perform site-specific tasks like entering the data for the suspicious activity into a site trouble reporting system.

Passive NIDS

With Passive Detection, when an attack is detected, the NIDS alerts someone so that appropriate action can be taken. The NIDS does not take any action against the perceived threat itself.

Actions which may be taken by passive detection NIDS include alerting an on-call administrator via paging or email, sending an SNMP trap to flag the event to a management console, logging behavior to a file, displaying an on-screen alarm or sending an alert to another monitoring system.

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3.4.2  Host Based
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