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Table Of Contents  CertiGuide to Security+
 9  Chapter 3:  Infrastructure Security (Domain 3.0; 20%)
      9  3.3  Security Topologies
           9  3.3.1  Security Zones

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An intranet is a logical (not physical) network that is specific to a single organization. It may reside wholly within the organization’s boundaries, and be contained within the company’s internal network, or span across public networks such as the Internet. The traffic that goes across the intranet includes proprietary data that should not be exposed to those outside the organization. Because of the security implications of sending private data across public network links, when planning an intranet that uses these public links, you should also plan to implement VPN technology to authorize users and encrypt the traffic that crosses outside your internal network’s boundaries.329


An intranet is a logical network for use by an organization’s internal personnel. Its network traffic typically includes proprietary data. If implementing an intranet across public networks such as the Internet, the sensitive data should be protected by an encrypted channel such as a VPN or by the use of SSL for browser-based applications.


329. Houser, Tcat, and O’Boyle, Helen Inside Scoop to CompTIA Network+ Certification, TotalRecallPress, 2002.

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