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Table Of Contents  CertiGuide to Security+
 9  Chapter 3:  Infrastructure Security (Domain 3.0; 20%)
      9  3.2  Media
           9  3.2.4  Removable Media

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Recently, with the dropping prices of high-capacity hard disks (100 GB and up), they’ve become a viable off-line as well as on-line (via RAID) backup option. Want to send data off-site? Many servers are already equipped with removable hard drive bays. You can often identify them by the row of disc-sized panels with handles, on the front of the server case. For under $100, you can acquire a removable-drive bay, and a caddy that fits inside it, to make your own hard disk-based removable media system. Buy a hard disk of the appropriate capacity, install it in the caddy, and you’re set. However, this “homebrew” approach may not give you all of the benefits of a server-removable drive system. For example, many servers feature “hot swappable” hard drive subsystems allowing drives to be removed and replaced on the system while it is running without affecting system operation.

Figure 32: The mechanical and magnetic nature of a hard drive means they require careful handling.


[spacer]Hard Drive Types

The most common types of hard drives today are IDE (used on most network workstations), and SCSI (used on most network servers), with IDE as the low-cost leader and SCSI as the performance leader. Hard drives are available in a variety of form factors (from PCMCIA-card sized drives used in notebooks, to 3.5” drives often used in servers), capacities and speeds.

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