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Table Of Contents  CertiGuide to Security+
 9  Chapter 2:  Communication Security (Domain 2.0; 20%)
      9  2.3  The Web
           9  ActiveX

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Signed applets are those applets whose authenticity and data integrity is guaranteed by their author, whose authenticity is in turn guaranteed by a trusted certifying agency such as VeriSign.

While the term “applet” is used mostly in the Java world, then, “signed applet” therefore refers to a signed piece of downloadable Java code. Other types of code, such as ActiveX controls can be signed as well.

Signed Applets

Signing an applet enables its authenticity and data integrity to be guaranteed by its author, whose identity is verified for by a trusted third party, called a certificate authority. This process is discussed in more detail in Chapter 4.

As noted in our discussion of ActiveX, signing an applet does not protect against malicious code; it just gives you an idea of who to blame when you notice something has gone wrong.

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