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Table Of Contents  CertiGuide to Network+
 9  Chapter 0100:  Network Protocols

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X  Chapter 0100:  Summary
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Chapter 0101:  TCP/IP
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XI  Test 0100:  Success Questions

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1. What are the two types of routing connections?

A. Token passing

B. Connectionless

C. Reliable

D. Connection Oriented

E. Unreliable


2. What are devices connected on a TCP/IP network commonly referred to as?

A. Routers

B. Servers

C. Resources

D. Hosts

E. Terminals


3. What is the first octet range for a class A IP address?

A. 128-191

B. 1-127

C. 192-223

D. 192-255

E. 1-126


4. Is this IP address valid?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Depends on the subnet mask

D. Depends on the Router


5. How many network address are needed when two LANs are connected by routers?

A. Three

B. Two

C. One

D. Depends on the subnet mask


6. When is a subnet required?

A. When more networks are needed

B. When more hosts are needed

C. Never

D. Always

E. When 2 or more class C address ranges are used


7. TCP is:

A. Connectionless and reliable

B. Connectionless and unreliable

C. Connection orientated and reliable

D. Connection orientated and unreliable

E. Operates at the Data Link layer


8. You use NetBEUI exclusively on your network. Traffic is heavy. What can you do to improve performance?

A. Install a router

B. Install Cat5 cabling

C. Install a gateway

D. Install a repeater

E. Segment the network with a bridge


9. Which OSI connection type is implemented by UDP?

A. Token passing

B. Packet

C. Connectionless

D. Connection



10. Which of the following uses computer names as addresses?





E. All choices are accurate


11. From the choices below, which protocols are routable?




D. AppleTalk



12. Select the best statement about TCP:

A. It is a connection-oriented protocol

B. It is a connectionless protocol

C. It is either connection oriented or connectionless, depending on the port assignment

D. TCP has nothing to do with connectionless or connection-oriented transport


13. The _____________ address header field is used to route datagrams.


14. Which of these protocols are routable? (Choose two)







15. What is the first octet range for a class C IP address?

A. 1-126

B. 128-191

C. 192-225

D. 192-223

E. 192-255


16. The process of subnetting can be useful to create additional _________

A. Networks

B. Hosts

C. PCs

D. Servers

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X  Chapter 0100:  Summary
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Chapter 0101:  TCP/IP
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