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Table Of Contents  CertiGuide to Network+
 9  Chapter 1010: Real World Exam Questions

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Questions 21-25

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21. If you suspect serious communication problems are not due to physical components but none of your other tests identify a problem, you might look for these conditions using a protocol analyzer.

A. Workstations that are "talking" more that servers

B. Jabber, excessive broadcasts, and/or excessive multicasts.

C. Unusual high occurrence of peer-to-peer communications on a basically client/server network

D. All choices are correct


22. You are the network administrator for a company moving into a new building, and the company's LAN is not functioning correctly. You replaced the patch cables, but the LAN is still not functioning. What is the next step that you should take?

A. Test the cable from the wall to the patch panel

B. Run diagnostics for the manufacturers NIC

C. Reinstall the server O/S

D. Reboot the server

E. Reboot all the workstations


23. How many devices can communicate simultaneously within a Token-ring LAN?

A. One for each MAU on the LAN

B. One

C. Two

D. As many devices as the administrator defines within the NOS

E. Between 1 and 5 if the ring speed is 16mbp/s


24. Select the 802.x standards that are popular on PC-based LANS:

A. 802.1

B. 802.2

C. 802.3

D. 802.4

E. 802.5


25. What OSI layer handles error recognition, recovery, and is responsible for re-packaging long messages into small packets for transmission?

A. Session

B. Presentation

C. Transport

D. Physical

E. Application

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