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Table Of Contents  CertiGuide to Network+
 9  Chapter 1010: Real World Exam Questions

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Questions 136-140

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136. Your customer calls complaining that their modem randomly disconnects from the Internet even though they have disabled all auto-disconnect features. The telephone company has tested the lines and is certain that there is no unusual noise. What option(s) should you look at first when troubleshooting this problem?

A. Verify that the modem in plugged into a properly working wall jack

B. Enter the code to disable call waiting in the modem's property screen

C. If the modem is external, replace it with an internal model

D. Test the line with an inexpensive tester to be certain the feed is analog and not digital

E. Verify that the IRQ setting is not conflicting with another device


137. If two or more hardware components are listed on a vendors Hardware Compatibility List, you can be assured that the hardware will perform as expected in the server

A. True

B. False


138. When a problem is first called in, the first step in the troubleshooting process is to:

A. Check the status of the server(s)

B. Check the user's login account name and password

C. Document the problem request

D. Scan for viruses


139. A user calls the help desk complaining that they are not able to reach the Internet. The network consists of 200 PCs running both IPX and TCP/IP. IP addresses are dynamically assigned with a DHCP server on every segment. The results from the Winipcfg utility appear to be correct and all required address are present (IP, subnet, DNS, and default gateway). What else would be a logical item to check?

A. The NetWare server has reached its maximum number of licensed connections

B. The server has failed

C. Other users to see if anyone is able to get to the Internet

D. The IP address of this workstation has been assigned to another device on the network


140. What are some common items that need to be documented?

A. Default Printer settings

B. IP addresses

C. Screen saver settings

D. Desktop themes

E. Batch files and shortcuts

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