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Table Of Contents  CertiGuide to Network+
 9  Chapter 1010: Real World Exam Questions

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Questions 106-110

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106. A company is opening a small branch office within the local dialing zone. They need 3 people to have access to the main computer to run the 32bit Windows version of Microsoft Office suite. It is not important for these users to be connected at all times, but they may need simultaneous access. The company's network hardware is centrally located with easy access to the company's PBX telephone system. Which remote solution would best suit these needs?

A. Remote Control

B. Remote Node

C. WinFrame or Terminal Server



107. Name two advantages of xDSL technology

A. Runs on fiber optic cables and increased bandwidth

B. Inexpensive and uses commonly available modems

C. Provides high speed digital access and is inexpensive

D. Provides fast digital service and "always on" Internet access

E. Widely available in rural areas for a modest cost


108. Which dial-up protocol requires that devices on each end know the other's IP address?







109. What are some advantages of ISDN?

A. Both data and voice can be carried over the connection at the same time

B. Can use existing copper wires within a building

C. Inexpensive

D. Widely available

E. Generally accepted as an Industry Standard


110. From the choices below, select the properties of SLIP:

A. Capable of supporting multiple transport protocols

B. Capable of supporting only IP

C. Supports dynamic re-negotiation of line speeds

D. May acquire a dynamic IP address using DHCP

E. SLIP is the latest protocol replacing PPTP

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