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Table Of Contents  CertiGuide to Network+
 9  Chapter 1000:  Security in the Real World

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Chapter 1000:  Security in the Real World
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II  Minimizing Risk
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I  Concepts & Terms Required - Chapter 1000

The consideration of Security should be the most critical topic when discussing networking. And when we say security, we don’t just mean protection against system intruders, but protection against all events that pose a risk to the company’s data or IT operations. The total value of all the capitol expenditures charged against the IT (Information Technology) budget is nothing compared to the value of the ‘crown jewels’ of a firm. That is the information that keeps the business functioning. While some areas of security are carefully addressed, all too often other areas are lacking. What makes it worse is the fact that it frequently is a taboo topic, as if we don’t talk about it, maybe it will go away. This is a foolish fantasy. Remember Melissa or the Love virus? You need to remember to be ever vigilant.

While the security needs of each company varies and sets its own particular access policies, the challenge lies in finding the sweet spot. Security that is too lax, and you are only keeping out amateur or casual break in attempts. Make security too restrictive, and users cannot perform useful work, and circumvent ‘well planned’ security by leaving passwords and keys accessible. For the purposes of the NETWORK+ test, several areas are testable, and you will see each of them in this chapter.

  • Understand the different aspects of network security

  • Share-level vs. User-level file sharing security

  • Know the security features in Windows NT and Novell Netware

  • Understand the security considerations involving passwords

  • Understand computer viruses and how anti-virus software is used to prevent them from spreading

  • Know the purpose of data encryption and the characteristics of common encryption methods

  • Know the purpose and features of firewalls, IP proxy services and application proxy services

  • Understand the areas of security concern for an Internet web server
Definitions You Need To Know

ACL (Access Control List)
Anti-Virus Software
Application Proxy
Data encryption
Defining and maintaining a security model
Disaster Recovery
Effective passwords and procedures
Fault Tolerance
Federated Identity
IP Proxy
LSA (Local Security Authority)
SAM (Security Accounts Manager)
Security models
Single Sign On
SRM (Security Reference Monitor)
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
User level security and Share level security

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Chapter 1000:  Security in the Real World
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II  Minimizing Risk
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