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 9  Glossary

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(Page 1 of 5) T1

A digital connection used in Australia, Japan and North America that can transmit 1.544Mbit of data, or carry 24 phone connections, using 4 wires. Refer to E1.


28 T1 lines or 44.736Mbps. E3=34.368Mpbs.


The bar that contains the Start button and appears by default at the bottom of the desktop. You can use the taskbar buttons to switch between the programs you are running. The taskbar can be hidden, moved to the sides or top of the desktop, or customized in other ways.

Taskbar button

A button that appears on the taskbar when an application is running.

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)

Part of TCP/IP which provides connection-oriented, transport layer IP packets.


The file that specifies whether a device supports multiple ports. If the Tcpmon.ini file indicates that a device can support multiple ports, users a prompted to pick which port should be used during device installation.

Technical Bulletins

Generic term for information regarding how something works, or bug fixes.

Telephony API (TAPI)

An application programming interface (API) used by communications programs to communicate with telephony and network services.


A part of the TCP/IP protocol suite. Telnet allows remote login to a computer.


Approximately one trillion bytes, or one million million bytes.

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