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(Page 1 of 5) RAID

Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. University of Berkeley (California) created standards. Popular standards include:


No redundancy. Two or more disks in which data is written across several drives, breaking the data across the drives are in a process known as stripping. This improves read and write performance.


Two drives which share identical data. Should one drive fail the other drive is an exact copy of the data. A.K.A. Mirroring. Adding a controller to each drive, protects against controller failure, and is known as Disk Duplexing.


A minimum of three drives, in which data and parity are written in a ‘round-robin’ fashion. A.K.A. Disk stripping with parity.


Memory used by the operating system and programs to execute instructions and hold data. Two popular types of RAM are:


Dynamic RAM. Must be refreshed to remember its contents.


Static RAM. Retains the data as long as power is supplied. Uses more power than DRAM, and generates more heat. More expensive than DRAM. Frequently uses for cache. Refer to cache.


Remote Access Service. A service that provides the ability to connect into a LAN utilizing either a phone line (dial-up) or the Internet.

Raster fonts

Fonts that are stored as bitmaps; also called bit-mapped fonts. Raster fonts are designed with a specific size and resolution for a specific printer and cannot be scaled or rotated. If a printer does not support raster fonts, it will not print them.

Rate counter

Similar to an averaging counter, a counter type that samples an increasing count of events over time; the change in the count is divided by the change in time to display a rate of activity.

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