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(Page 1 of 2) Object

An entity, such as a file, folder, shared folder, printer, or Active Directory object, described by a distinct, named set of attributes. For example, the attributes of a File object include its name, location, and size; the attributes of an Active Directory User object might include the user’s first name, last name, and e-mail address. For OLE and ActiveX objects, an object can also be any piece of information that can be linked to, or embedded into, another object.

Object linking and embedding (OLE)

A method for sharing information among applications. Linking an object, such as a graphic, from one document to another inserts a reference to the object into the second document. Any changes you make in the object in the first document will also be made in the second document. Embedding an object inserts a copy of an object from one document into another document. Changes you make in the object in the first document will not be updated in the second unless the embedded object is explicitly updated.


A group of 8 bits.


Optical Carrier, where X is a number. The bigger the number the more the bandwidth.


An API (Application Program Interface) developed by Microsoft to make it easier to access databases, regardless of vendor, provided the database is ODBC compliant. ODBC also supports JBDC (Java Data Base Connectivity).

Offline media

Media that are not connected to the computer and require external assistance to be accessed.

Ohm = .

Measure of a wire’s resistance to electrical current.


Object Linking and Embedding. A method for applications to include data from various applications, I.E. a spreadsheet and a word processing document.

On-media identifier (OMID)

A label that is electronically recorded on each medium in a Removable Storage system. Removable Storage uses on-media identifiers to track media in the Removable Storage database. An application on-media identifier is a subset of the media label.

On-screen keyboard

A utility that displays a virtual keyboard on a computer screen and allows users with mobility impairments to type using a pointing device or joystick.

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