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Numbers 802.11x

A set of standards created for Wireless Networking. A.K.A. Wi-Fi.

9-Track tape

A legacy format for holding data in sequential format. Nine parallel tracks on 1/2 inch tape, with 8 tracks containing data, and the ninth track parity data.


A generic definition for Ethernet networks, leaving open the specific cabling type, which may be fiber, unshielded twisted pair, or coax.


Ethernet network utilizing cable looking very similar to thick coax found in home television's, (RG-58 = Ethernet; RG-59 = home TV) supporting a cable run to 607 ft. (185M), in supporting up to 30 nodes (computers). A.K.A. thin Ethernet, Thinnet, or CheaperNet due to the much lower cost of the coax cable utilized in 10Base5.


The original Ethernet, designed by PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), a Xerox location. Originally transferring data at 1 megabit, it can operate up to 10Mb, and supports cable segments up to 500M (1,640 Ft.). A.K.A Thicknet.


An Ethernet network using fiber optic cable. The x = P for Passive and designed for desktops, x = L for Link, utilizing hubs and work groups, and B = Backbone, created for central lines between buildings.


An Ethernet network that uses unshielded twisted pair (UTP) are arranged in a star topology. A.K.A. twisted-pair Ethernet, UTP Ethernet. Operates at 10 megabits.


An Ethernet network similar to 10BaseT, however it utilizes Category 5 cable (utilizing 2 pair, Cat 3 or 4 if 4 pair are available -- known as 100BaseT4), and can operate at 100 megabits a second. A.K.A Fast Ethernet.


An Ethernet network similar to 100BaseT, however the cabling uses multimode fiber-optic cable. Maximum distance is 2 km.


A.K.A. VG (Voice Grade) Ethernet. A version of Ethernet developed by HP, capable of 100Mbit over Category 3 wire (using four pair). Does not directly interoperate with CSMA/CD (802.3 Ethernet).

110 Punch-Down Block

A termination point for wiring, which is rapidly replacing the older 66 block originally used by the telephone company. 110 connectors are much smaller.


An Ethernet network similar to 100BaseT, however it offers error correction in addition to error detection and transmits data at 1,000 megabits per second. Typically, it may be installed in Category 5 wiring. In new installations Category 5e wiring is recommended according to EIA/TIA specifications. A.K.A. Gigabit Ethernet.

An IP address assigned to every host using TCP/IP, as a software loopback test point.


The designation used by IBM for series of devices. They used either SDLC (Synchronous Data Link Control) or BSC (Binary Synchronous Communication). The operator typed on a 3270 terminal. In order for a PC to talk to a mainframe, a 3270 terminal emulation board is installed in a PC.

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