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(Page 1 of 6) MAC

See media access control.


A collection of storage locations, also called “slots,” for cartridges in a library managed by Removable Storage. Magazines are usually removable.

Magneto-optic (MO) disk

A high-capacity, erasable storage medium which uses laser beams to heat the disk and magnetically arrange the data.


A screen enlarger that magnifies a portion of the screen in a separate window for users with low vision and for those who require occasional screen magnification for such tasks as editing art.


Metropolitan Area Network. A network involving greater distance than a LAN, that operates at a higher speed than a WAN. Refer to LAN, WAN.

Manual caching

A method of manually designating network files and folders so they are stored on a user’s hard disk and accessible when the user is not connected to the network.

Markup Tag

A formatting command that is embedded in a file. HTML is well known example of a language that uses markup tags. XML is quickly becoming a defacto standard. Refer to < >, XML.

Master Boot Record (MBR)

The first sector on a hard disk, this data structure starts the process of booting the computer. It is the most important area on a hard disk. The MBR contains the partition table for the disk and a small amount of executable code called the master boot code.

Master file table (MFT)

The database that tracks the contents of an NTFS volume. The MFT is a table whose rows correspond to files on the volume and whose columns correspond to the attributes of each file.

MAU (Multistation Access Unit)

IBM Token Ring name for a hub in Token Ring networks.

Maximum password age

The period of time a password can be used before the system requires the user to change it.

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