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 9  Glossary

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(Page 1 of 4) E1

European version of a T1 line. This digital line carries 2.048Mbps of data. Interoperable with T1 lines. Refer to T1.


Error Correction Code.

Any type of code used to detect or correct errors.


Enterprise Content Management. Describes the management of all types of content: I.E. electronic documents, email, DHTML, XML, and code.


Electronic Data Interchange. Exchanging data between two or more systems electronically. EDI activities are separated to transaction sets and functional groups.

Transaction set

Data exchanged between businesses to produce an interchange. I.E. Invoice.

Functional group

Multiple similar transaction sets. I.E. 6 invoices.

A transaction set is created from


Administrative data or part of the data exchange. Each segment is mandatory, optional, or floating. Allowable data segments are defined in the

Data Segment Directory

A dictionary that contains segments and

Data Elements

Smallest unit of information in EDI. Every segment and element is assigned unique identification numbers.

Many EDI standards have been created by ANSI X12x groups. The small x is a variable for dozens of subcommittees and proposals.

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