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Table Of Contents  CertiGuide to Network+
 9  Appendix A: Answers to Success Questions and Real World Exam Questions
      9  Chapter 1010: Real World Exam Answers

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Answers to Questions 71-75

71. _______ handles name resolution on a UNIX network.

Print your answer: ___________


Explanation: DNS is the service that resolves names for almost ALL networks.

& Domain 2.7: Identify the purpose of the following network services (e.g. DHCP/bootp, DNS, NAT/ICS, WINS and SNMP)


72. Which TCP/IP protocol is used by e-mail clients to download mail from mail servers?






Explanation: POP3 is used for receiving mail, SMTP is for sending mail.

& Domain 2.6: Define the function of TCP/UDP ports. Identify well-known ports.


73. 00-08-C7-A3-44-7A is an example of a:

A. IPV4 address

B. IPV6 address

C. PING output

D. MAC address

E. No choice is correct

Explanation: MAC addresses uniquely identify every NIC ever made. They usually come in a series of six hexadecimal pairs, i.e. 00-08-C7-A3-44-7A. Part of this number identifies the maker.

& Domain 2.1: Given an example identify a MAC address.


74. Name two driver interfaces that allow a NIC to communicate on more than one protocol.






Explanation: Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS), developed by Microsoft and 3Com, is the standard for Windows NT/2K/XP, 95/98, OS/2, and Windows for Workgroups.

Open Data Link Interface (ODI) was jointly developed by Apple computers and Novell, and is the standard for all NetWare and AppleTalk systems.

& Domain 3.11: Given a network configuration, select the appropriate next and network configuration settings.


75. In which operating systems would you typically find NetBIOS?

A. Unix

B. Windows3.x

C. Windows for Workgroups

D. Novell

E. Windows 98

Explanation: NetBIOS is a native networking protocol of Microsoft DOS and Windows networks.

& Domain 3.11: Given a network configuration select the appropriate NIC and network configuration settings (DHCP, DNS, WINS, protocols, NetBIOS/host name etc.).

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Answers to Questions 66-70
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