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Table Of Contents  CertiGuide to Network+
 9  Appendix A: Answers to Success Questions and Real World Exam Questions
      9  Chapter 1010: Real World Exam Answers

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Answers to Questions 101-105

101. A small business uses departmental peer-to-peer networks. In one department, users share project data on their hard drives. As the project grows, documentation increases on all hard drives and management begins having difficulty determining which hard drive contains the most current project information.

Primary Objective:

  • Provide extensive, centralized security and administration.

  • Provide a centralized share for all project documentation.

Secondary Objective:

  • Maintain the same informal type of work environment with no disruption in the organization's current work routines.

Proposed solution:

  • Implement a Windows NT dedicated server for a server-based network.

Implementation of the proposed solution will result in which objective(s) being accomplished?

A. Neither the Primary nor the Secondary Objectives have been met

B. Only the Primary Objective has been met

C. Only the Secondary Objectives has been met

D. Both the Primary and Secondary Objectives have been met

E. The Primary and one of the Secondary Objectives have been met but not all of them

Explanation: This situation requires a server-based network, which will inevitably change the way you accomplish the same tasks. Business will not continue "as usual," and the secondary objective is therefore not met. NT features security, and by providing a centralized share, all users will be able to keep track of changes. The nature of centralized administration and control will change informal work arrangements and current work routines.

& Domain 3.1: Identify the basic capabilities (i.e., client support, interoperability, authentication, file and print services, application support, and Security: Unix/Linux, NetWare, Windows, Macintosh.

& Domain 3.2: Identify the basic capabilities of client workstations (i.e., client connectivity, local security mechanisms, and authentication).


102. A VLAN could best be described as a: (choose all that apply)

A. Logical Subnet

B. Is configured through software as opposed to hardware.

C. Broadcast packets across subnets

D. Virtual patch panel

E. Can make workstations in different cities to appear as if they are on the same subnet.

Explanation: A Virtual LAN can be created on a LAN or a WAN. All of the attributes listed are true.

& Domain 3.3: Identify the main characteristics of VLAN's.


103. What Operating Systems use TCP/IP as their default protocols?

A. Microsoft NT



D. Novell NetWare

E. Windows for Workgroups

Explanation: Microsoft NT and UNIX primarily run TCP/IP while Novell NetWare runs the IPX protocol by default.

& Domain 4.4: Given specific parameters, configure a client to connect to the following servers: UNIX/Linux, NetWare, Windows, Macintosh.


104. A modem would be normally used in:

A. Baseband Communications

B. Broadband Communications

C. String & Can Communications

Explanation: Modems MOdulate and DEModulate baseband signals for transmission at a higher frequency.

& Domain 1.6: Identify the purpose, features, and functions of the following network components: hubs, switches, bridges, routers, gateways, CSU/DSU, network interface cards/ISDN adapters/System area Network cards, wireless access points, modems.


105. The key payroll person at a company will be on maternity leave for 3 months. During that time, she needs to process payroll from home. For security reasons, the payroll applications are only installed on her office PC. Which method of remote access is the best solution?

A. Remote Control

B. Remote Node


D. WinFrame

E. Tracert

Explanation: Remote control would be the best choice because it offers the ability to take over another "host" computer. Since the payroll application is installed on her local office PC, it could be easily accessed from home by dialing into it and processing payroll.

& Domain 2.12: Define the functions of the following remote access protocols and services: RAS, PPP, PPTP, ICA.

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Answers to Questions 96-100
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