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Table Of Contents  CertiGuide to A+ (Operating Systems)
 9  Chapter 0010:  File Attributes

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VII  Summary
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IX  Chapter 0010: Test For Success Answers
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VIII  Chapter 0010: Test For Success Questions

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1. Which type of backup requires the least amount of storage space and the least amount of time to execute? (Choose all that apply)

A. Daily

B. Normal

C. Differential

D. Incremental


2. Why you are on-site at customer location, you need to determine which type of backup is best for your client. What does an incremental backup do?

A. Full backup of all files.

B. Same as a differential backup.

C. Backs up only files that have changed.

D. Backs up all files that have the archived option turned on.


3. An employee calls you, declaring that the taskbar is missing from Windows 98. You check to see that it has not been hidden, and it is not. What is the most likely cause of the problem?

A. The system is running in Safe Mode.

B. The registry is corrupt and must be restored from the backup.

C. WIN.INI has been modified by a newly installed application.

D. SYSTEM.INI has been damaged by a newly installed application.


4. What on the properties of a differential backup?

A. Complete backup of all files.

B. Back up of files with the archive bit turned off.

C. Backs up files that differ from the first full back up.

D. Backs up all files that have changed since the last full backup.

E. Backs up all files that change since last full backup, and clears the archive bit


5. A user on your company's network has worked for several hours on a document that was retrieved from the network. The document was saved several times by clicking the Save icon. After returning from an absence, the user finds his computer indicating a fatal write error. Why? (Choose all that apply)

A. The network drive is read only.

B. The user's hard drive has crashed.

C. The file is restricted to administrative use.

D. The users disconnected from the network drive.

E. The network drive is off line running a backup.


6. You are about to perform an operating system upgrade. What is your first step?

A. Partition the drive.

B. Format the drive.

C. Backup critical data.

D. Backup old operating system.

E. Tell the system administrator the PC will be off-line


7. You are working on the system. What is required to make hidden files visible in Windows 95?

A. Tools, Options, Show All Files.

B. Windows Explorer, View, Folder Options, View, Show All Files.

C. Windows Explorer, File, Preferences, Unhide All Files.

D. Control Panel, Device Manager, File Attributes, Unhide.

E. This is not an option in Windows 95

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VII  Summary
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IX  Chapter 0010: Test For Success Answers
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