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Table Of Contents  CertiGuide to A+ (Operating Systems)
 9  Chapter 0001:  File Structure

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IV  Summary
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VI  Chapter 0001: Test For Success Questions
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V  Chapter 0001: Test For Success Questions

(Click here to see answers with explanations.)

1. What happens when you delete a file from the Recycle Bin?

A. Clusters are flushed.

B. The files are moved to C:\Windows\Temp.

C. Sectors of hard drive are blanked/erased.

D. Associated entries in the FAT are removed.


2. You back up files on an NTFS partition using the Backup utility, and then later restore them to a FAT32 partition. Which file properties are retained? (Choose two)

A. Encryption.

B. Permission.

C. Compressions.

D. File attributes.

E. Long file names.


3. Which advantages does FAT32 have over FAT16? (Choose three)

A. Programs load faster.

B. Fewer resources required.

C. Greater file security allowed.

D. Drive mappings are more reliable.

E. Increase storage efficiencies.


4. What do you need to do to make a Windows 98 system dual boot with Windows 2000 on a single partition?

A. Install Windows 2000 in NTFS.

B. Install Windows 2000 in FAT 32.

C. Delete any FAT32 partitions and install.

D. Run Windows 2000 Setup: Dual Boot version.


5. A technician needs to convert a FAT16 partition to NTFS from a DOS prompt. Which command should the technician use?






6. Your client reports that he is running Windows 98 and has a 2GB hard drive. It is formatted as FAT16; he is nearly out of disk space. What is the simplest and quickest way to increase his disk space?

A. Convert the drive to FAT32.

B. Run the Space Recovery utility.

C. Replace the hard drive with a larger one.

D. Back up the data, format the drive and restore the data.


7. In Windows 98, which of the following conversions is possible?

A. FAT16 to NTFS.

B. FAT32 to FAT16.

C. FAT16 to FAT32 and FAT32 to FAT16.

D. FAT16 to FAT32 but not FAT32 to FAT16.


8. You have set up a dual boot computer. Your Windows 2000 installation has been tested, and has no problems. However when in Windows 98 you cannot see the files in the NTFS partition. Windows 98 resides on a FAT 32 partition and Windows 2000 operates on an NTFS partition. Why?

A. The partition has not been made active.

B. File sharing between the drives has not been enabled.

C. Windows 98 is not compatible with NTFS.

D. NTLDR is not set to load when starting Windows 98.


9. In Windows 98, what will ensure that you have created a FAT16 partition?

A. FAT 16 is not supported by Windows 98.

B. Select N when prompted to enable large disk support running Fdisk.

C. Select N when prompted to create an Extended partition when running FDISK.

D. Select Y when prompted to implement a large partition when running FDISK.


10. After you install NT Workstation 4.0 on your Windows 98 computer, you find that in NT Workstation you cannot see your Windows 98 partition. Why?

A. The NT partition is formatted with FAT16.

B. The Windows 98 partition is formatted with FAT32.

C. Windows 98 was deleted during the installation.

D. The Windows 98 partition has not been set as active within NT Workstation's settings.


11. What advantages does FAT32 have over FAT? (Choose two)

A. Faster file access.

B. More efficient compression.

C. Reduced cluster size.

D. Increased logical drive size.

E. Increased security attributes.


12. Which file system in Windows 2000 supports compression?



C. FAT32



13. You have taken a hard drive from a computer using Windows 98 and installed it into a computer running Windows 95 as a second drive. The BIOS recognizes the drive but the drive does not appear when you open My Computer. Why?

A. You forgot to run Convert32.exe.

B. The new drive is partitioned with FAT32.

C. You forgot to install a new driver for the drive.

D. The new drive is write protected.

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VI  Chapter 0001: Test For Success Questions
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