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Table Of Contents  CertiGuide to A+ (Operating Systems)
 9  Chapter 0101:  Networking

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VIII  Chapter 0101: Test For Success Questions
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IX  Chapter 0101: Test For Success Answers

1. The program System Monitor that is found in Windows 95 will display data on? (Choose all that apply)

A. Anti-virus applications

B. Virtual memory

C. Interrupt settings

D. Hardware compatibility protocol

E. Network clients and server information


2. You are running a small training class for end users who must demonstrate a product. What two ways would you show them to rename a shared network printer, using a GUI approach in Windows 9x? (Choose all that apply)

A. My Computer, Printers

B. Start, Settings, Printers

C. Start, Accessories, System Utilities, Printers

D. Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Printer Setup

E. My Computer, Control Panel, System, Device Manager, Ports, Printers


3. As a field technician you have just installed a new modem under Windows 98 and can no longer connect to your Internet service provider with through Dial-Up Networking. What is the next step you take?

A. Change the string to ATZ in modem properties

B. Call your telephone company to report a dead line

C. Configure the modem to use Dialup Networking

D. Select the new modem from the Dial-Up Networking connection's properties


4. You have just completed installing Windows 98 to a computer on your network. In your testing you discover that you can't browse the network. You check for Client for the Microsoft networks and find that it is installed. What is you're next step to address the challenge?

A. Enable File and Printer sharing

B. Verify the workstation's IP address

C. Enable Browsing Services in the Control Panel

D. Enable NetBIOS support

E. Enable Network support in the PC BIOS


5. You are installing a network card in a Windows 98 computer, and the computer will not connect to the network. What should you do to find out if the device is functioning correctly?

A. Run net config

B. Look at the Device Manager

C. Check Network Neighborhood

D. Check Dial-Up Networking properties

E. Run NetFix

Explanation: Looking at the Device Manager will tell you whether the device is functioning properly. Net config lists the available services (not hardware). Network Neighborhood relies on both the device and software configuration. Dial-up networking is not involved with network cards. NetFix is not a valid option.


6. Where in Windows 2000 can you change your network identification?

A. Device manager

B. Network properties

C. System properties

D. Network and dial up connections

E. Disk Administrator


7. On a Windows 2000 client computer, how can you map a drive letter? (Choose all that apply)

A. Right click My Computer

B. Right click Control Panel

C. Right click My Network Places

D. Right click Network and Dial-up Connection

E. Right click Start


8. If you configure a Windows 2000 system is TCP/IP with DHCP, but the computer doesn't find a DHCP server when booted, what will happen?

A. Windows 2000 will not be able to start the network.

B. System will switch automatically to Net BEUI protocol.

C. Automatic private IP addressing will be used to assign an address.

D. System will listen to the network (using BOOTP) to discover what range of addresses is being used and will assign an address in this range.

E. BOOTP will automagically find an IP address, if it has been installed.


9. Which network protocols are included with Windows 2000? (Choose all that apply)







10. You need to prepare a laptop or an employee spending much of their time out in the field. Which service must be installed on a Windows NT 4.0 system to allow Dial-Up Networking access? (Choose all that apply)



C. Remote Access Service

D. Dial-Up Networking



11. A user on your company's network has worked for several hours on a document that was retrieved from the network. The document was saved several times by clicking the Save icon. After returning from an absence, the user finds his computer indicating a fatal write error. Why? (Choose all that apply)

A. The network drive is read only

B. The user's hard drive has crashed

C. The file is restricted to administrative use

D. The users disconnected from the network drive

E. The network drive is off line running a backup


12. You have just installed a new PC on a network that has file and print sharing enabled, and it can be seen in the Network Neighborhood by other computers. Unfortunately, other computers cannot connect to resources on your computer. Why?

A. You have not shared any directories

B. Shared directories are password protected

C. Other computers are using the ROM protocol

D. Other computers do not have file and print sharing enabled

E. The system administrator does not have this permission turned on


13. You are being trained by an ISP to provide tech support. A user calls your mentor, and complains that his password is repeatedly rejected when trying to connect. Your mentor tells him to run Defrag and Scandisk while waiting on the phone. What would be the purpose for giving this instruction?

A. To fix a malfunctioning modem

B. To fix a corrupted password file

C. They suspect an upper memory problem

D. They expect the network to be functional by the time Defrag and Scandisk are done

E. The mentor suspects there is an error in the registry


14. How can a user on a Windows 9x workgroup find a network printer?

A. By protocol

B. By cable name

C. By manufacturer

D. By NetBIOS name

E. By type of printing method (Laser or Inkjet)


15. Why would File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks be unchecked on a laptop which uses a network adapter and NetBEUI?

A. TCP/IP must be added

B. File and Print Sharing will only work with Windows NT

C. File and Print Sharing for MS Networks receive server must be added

D. File and Print Sharing must be enabled on the network

E. Interface card


16. With which network protocols can share a printer in Windows 9x? (Choose all that apply)







17. In Windows 98, which of the following devices can you share via the network? (Choose all that apply)

A. Printer

B. Modem

C. Monitor


E. Keyboard


18. Where would you go to capture a printer port for a network printer in Windows 9x?

A. Printer Applet, File, Properties, Details

B. Printer Applet, File, Properties, Details

C. Network Applet, File, Properties, Details

D. Add/Remove Program applet, Properties, Details

E. Start, Settings, Control Panel, System


19. To add a computer to a domain on a network running Windows 2000 you should:

A. My Computer, Tools menu.

B. Open Control Panel, Network icon

C. Right click My Computer, Properties, and Network Identification

D. Right click My Network Places - properties, right click Local Area Connection - right click properties

E. Right click Desktop, right click on properties


20. What kind of network can 10 Windows 98 computers provide?


B. Domain

C. Peer-to-Peer

D. Client/Server

E. Metropolitan Area Network (IEEE standards)

Explanation: In order to provide client/server or domain-based networking, there would have to be at least one NT server. WAN and Metropolitan Area Network are also possibly correct, but in this situation, peer-to-peer is the most correct answer.


21. Why would you add an IP address to a DNS Server search order?

A. It restricts browsing to the DNS Server

B. It overrides the local system's IP address

C. It tells the DNS server the location of the local system

D. It tells the local system the location of the DNS server

E. It is mandatory to make the network function correctly


22. Every time you reboot, a successfully mapped network drive disappears. Why? (Choose all that apply)

A. The computer you have connected to has moved

B. 'Reconnect at Logon' is not checked

C. A map statement is not in the autoexec.bat file

D. The last drive is not set correctly

E. Domain name is incorrectly set


23. Any network requires what components to be installed and configured correctly? (Choose all that apply)

A. Client

B. Protocol

C. Server

D. Resource Sharing

E. Adapter


24. A user clicks on the Print icon within an application, and their print job is sent to the wrong printer. What can you do to assure that your print job is sent to the correct printer? (Choose all that apply)

A. Change printer drivers

B. Reorder the printer entries in the Printers folder

C. Select File, Print to set the desired printer for the application

D. Change the desired printers location on the network

E. Set the desired printer as the default printer

Explanation: In the case above, the user doesn’t select a printer, and that means that their job is going to their default printer. If that isn’t the printer the user really wants, the answer is to change their default.


25. In Windows, which network components must be present to make a dial up connection to the Internet? (Choose all that apply)



C. Client for Microsoft Networks

D. Dial-Up Adapter



26. In a peer-to-peer network, printing has slowed the network performance. What can you do to quickly remedy the problem?

A. Install more memory on the network printers

B. Disable network printing on one of the computers that never prints anyway

C. Run print jobs after hours when there is less network traffic

D. Configure one computer as a network print server

E. Install a hardware print buffer


27. In the Windows 9x Network applet, you can add which of the following? (Choose all that apply)

A. Client

B. Protocol

C. Service

D. Printer

E. Adapter


28. Where in Windows 2000 would you go to connect or disconnect a network printer?

A. Start, Settings, Task

B. Start, Settings, Printers

C. Start, Settings, Network

D. Start, Settings, Connections

E. Start, Printer Wizard


29. You have multiple folders shared successfully. When you create a new shared folder, it is not displayed as a shared folder. Why is this problem occurring?

A. Disk quotas

B. Insufficient hard drive space

C. Insufficient RAM

D. More than 300 shared folders already exist

E. Insufficient access rights. See the network administrator


30. In Windows 9x, where would you go to find out the type of network adapter that is installed?

A. Control Panel, Ports

B. Control Panel, Network

C. Control panel, Adapters

D. Network Neighborhood


31. In Windows 2000 where do you go to add your computer to a workgroup or domain? (Choose all that apply)

A. Device Manager

B. System Properties

C. Membership Manager

D. Network and dial up connections


32. A customer has received their username, password, and dial up numbers for his ISP. What should they do first to set up their computer to use the ISP for Internet access?

A. Obtain an ISP account after installing PPT and Dialup Networking

B. Install Dial-Up Networking and TCP/IP and set up all appropriate settings

C. Install PPT and Dialup Networking after establishing a new account with the ISP

D. Obtain an account from an ISP then reinstall the modem TCP/IP and Dialup Networking

E. Reinstall the Operating System


33. What does a WINS Server do on the network?

A. It assigns IP addresses

B. It assigns computer names

C. It resolves NetBIOS names to IP addresses

D. It allows dual booting between operating systems

E. It resolves NetBEUI names to IP addresses


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VIII  Chapter 0101: Test For Success Questions
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