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March 29, 2005:
  • CertiGuide to A+ (A+ 4 Real) Now Online: I have just added CertiGuide #5 to the site, the CertiGuide to A+ (A+ 4 Real). This is the third in the three-CertiGuide series on A+; the first was the guide to the A+ Hardware test, published in December; the second the guide to A+ OS, which came out in January.

    Containing over 700 pages, this CertiGuide is based on the all-new "A+ 4 Real" e-book by Tcat Houser and an international team of experts. It was created specifically to provide more breadth and depth of information for those who were finding the A+ exam challenging. The three A+ CertiGuides, taken together, give you everything you need to pass the tough A+ certification exam.

    A+ 4 Real also contains lots of additional material that will help you prepare for the most important test of all: the real world. This includes detailed chapters on the Linux and MacOS operating systems. Enjoy, and good luck with the exam!

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